Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not Much Here



Hello Everybody,


My Monday morning emails are getting closer and closer together, or at least it seems as so. None the less I am always happy to keep in touch by writing to you.


My week was much of the same...moving. I finally have the things out of my Mead home that I am taking except for boxing up my Precious Moments and Snow Buddies collections. This task will take some time, and speaking with Jennifer (my tenant) we decided that I can do it a little at a time after she moves in. This will give me a chance to visit with Molly and Razor, as well as keep Jennifer company while she is getting settled. I am leaving some of my furniture for her to use while she rents from me. 


I have everything unpacked and put away at Jimi's house. I loaded Jimi's truck of things he took to the Humane Society Thrift Store for me today, and I have a small pile of things I will begin selling on E-Bay just as soon as my laptop arrives. Jimi's house is packed to the gill. It's really not that bad, but seeing his house mostly empty before I moved in gives it a drastic change and thoughts of what have you done to this poor man's house? Lol He's been a good sport about it though.


I have been so busy and consumed with moving that Jimi and I have not had the time together as we are accustomed to. We did go for a quick dinner on Friday night, and we went on a motorcycle ride in the mountains for a couple of hours on Saturday. We decided to do a nice dinner or breakfast once a week, and Jimi was thinking we should join the volleyball team again at the church. We will have to make sure we don't fall into a routine forgetting to do fun things and spending time together as we did before combining houesholds. Unfortunately, my next two weekends are somewhat consumed though.


Tom had a BBQ at Cencorp last Thursday which, Jimi and I both attended. Tom is trying to get the building emptied and close it down by next week. I met my girlfriend, Ellen Cole, for a drink on Thursday evening in Denver. Jimi worked on his classes, helped me with the moving and organizing, and worked in his garage for a bit.


I spoke with Jennifer on the phone Saturday night. She is still doing well and is finally making friends to hang out with, but she does not like Dawn (her dad's fiance). I have not talked to Daniel lately.


I'd like to report something more interesting and fun, but unfortunately I cannot, otherwise things are good here.


Until next week.

Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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