Monday, January 19, 2009

Here's the latest...

Hello Everybody,
Jimi and I made the decision to bring Jennifer back to Longmont before the end of the school year. We are flying her home on January 30th; unfortunately, she will not be able to bring all of her belongings. She is shipping some of her smaller personal items through UPS, but she will have to leave her furniture. We weighed the options and financially it is not worth driving out there to bring her furniture back. It will be more cost effective to obtain new (used) stuff.
Jimi carpeted the basement for her and we rearranged the house a little. The basement includes a living roomand a bedroom. We set it up with a couch, chair, end table, and TV in the living room area and a bed and dresser in the bedroom area.The basement has a separateentrance, which will give her (and us) privacy from her and her friends coming and going. The change is going to be different having someone else in the house with us, but we think we are making it as easy on everyone as possible.
On Wednesday Jimi brought lunch from Red Lobster to work and we sat in the lunchroom eating together. That was sweet of my man. All my girl friends at work are jealous because he always does stuff like this for me.
On Thursday evening we went out to eat for a really nice dinner at O's Steak and Seafood located in the Westin Hotel in Westminster. Wow, that was a fancy place. My meal was like something you see on TV: a large fancy plate with two shrimps and two scallops on it. I was floored, but surprisingly with the side of pasty rice it filled my belly. Jimi ordered a smoked steak. He had a smaller plate, but more food. We giggled about it. Miller, however, had to wait in the car.
I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday morning and I am pleased to report that I am cavity free.
Friday night I went to dinner, drinks, and a movie with a group of girls from work. We saw the movie "Bride Wars". It was cute and I am glad I went to see it, but not a movie I would likely want to see again.
Saturday night Jimiand I went to a party in Windsor with Vicki, my friend from work. We had a great time getting to know some of her other friends, playing poker, dancing, talking, and lets not forget drinking.
Sunday morning we went to breakfast and saw some friends from work, so we sat together. And then we went home to clean house and do laundry. Later in the day, we bought Blizzards from Dairy Queen and ate them while taking Miller on a long walk. We buzzed through the grocery store and it was back home for the night. It was a pretty relaxing day.
That all for now. Hope all is well with you.
Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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