Monday, January 26, 2009

National Western Stock Show

Hello Everybody,

The week did not start off so great for me. I came home Monday evening and began feeling nauseous, and by 10pm it was evident that I had a stomach virus. Jimi stayed up with me most of the night. I think we both slept between 2pm and 6am.Needless to say, I did not go to work on Tuesday. By that evening I wasn't feeling sick anymore; however, I had no energy from not eating.

I finally got our 2008 scrapbook posted on line. Please take a look, as many of you are in the album. With the 3d embellishments, it is much better in person. Anyhow, here is the link. Please enjoy!

Jimi started his final semester of college this past week. His schedule is as follows: Mondays - Web Design, Tuesdays - Digital Video, Wednesdays - PHP, and every other Thursday - the Capstone.

I spent nearly the entire day on Saturday in Mead with my girlfriend, Jennifer, and Jimi made a trip to Denver to take pictures.

On Sunday we went to the National Western Stock Show in Denver. We watched several shows: the mule keyhole races, the Clydesdale 8 horse team, the mule costume contest, and the Clydesdale heavy weight pull. While the mule costume contest was somewhat of a ridiculous joke, we sat in awe watching the rest. The mule keyhole races were fascinating; the way those mules move so quickly and turn on a dime was astounding. The Clydesdale 8 horse team was a beautiful sight. The winner for this show was for Colorado; however, the winner of all the combined team competitions was from Michigan. The horses were absolutely gorgeous. Finally, the heavy weight pull kept us on the edge of our seats to see weather or not the horses could do it. Those horses gave it everything they had. We saw them working and working to pull the bed of sandbags. Some tried so hard they would loose their footing and fall down. The winner of this competition was also from Michigan. We didn't get to see the animals in the stock yard, but had a nice time anyhow.

That evening we made homemade chicken noodle soup, watch some TV, and played cards.

That's about all for now.

Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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