Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun Week

Hello Everybody,


Our weeks will begin to look up again. Jimi has been gloomy because we have not been as active as we normally are, so I tentatively filled our weekends on our google calendar from this weekend through August 2009.


Jimi went to his classes all week as scheduled, just as I worked for both Crocs and Cencorp.


Wednesday night I had dinner with my girlfriend, Brenda and Thursday night I met my girl friend, Jennifer for coffee at the coffee shop.


Jimi picked my daughter up from the airport on Friday. She stayed home for a couple of hours and I did not see her again until Sunday at noon. She had a busy weekend catching up and hanging out with her friends. We spent a few hours together setting up her room, etc..


Jimi and I went snowboarding at Eldora on Saturday morning. We didn't stay very long, but it was a good time anyhow. I am so out of shape and the sport requires a lot of leg strength. Three hours and 7 runs later my legs were like wet noodles. Getting back in to it gradually is the best way to rebuild my muscles and improve my skill. Jimi went on several runs on the black slopes by himself.

After snowboarding we made some very yummy homemade burritos together. We have our technique down and they are gooooood! After eating, we went to my girl friend, Jennifer's house and played Monopoly with her and her boyfriend, Darcy. Jimi and Jennifer had a good time squabbling back and forth. I'm sure I do not need to tell you the outcome of the evening, but I will. Everyone ended up bankrupt and Jimi, again, owned the world.


Sunday morning we met Jennifer and Darcy at the bowling alley. We bowled for a few hours and again, enjoyed ourselves. Rest of the afternoon Jimi immersed himself in his studies, while Jenn and I spent mom daughter time together settling her into her new home. Jennifer then went out with her friends, Jimi continued working on school work and I was left on my own. I watching a couple of movies, painted my fingernails, and played on the internet.


This morning we finalized Jenn’s classes with her counselor. She is enrolled in school and once again attending Longmont High School, just as she was when she moved


It was a fun week and weekend.


Love everybody.

Lorie & Jimi

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