Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Breaks

Hello all,

This week with my son was really great. We did a lot of thing just like old times. We went snowboarding again on Wednesday and Saturday: It was super cold on Wednesday- about 20 degrees and blizzarding, but we still made it a fun day and boarded for about four hours. Saturday was a beautiful day and we had a blast. Daniel helped me finish many projects I had either started or needed to start: he fixed my dresser, a mirror frame, the arm to one of my dining room chairs, he helped me clean the cushions on all eight of my dining room chairs, and  we completely finished all the trim projects at Mead. We also played pool at the Moose Lodge two nights and we had a nice family dinner at Chili's.

A spring blizzard hit us on Thursday. Crocs closed it's doors and sent us home. I also stayed home on Friday. It was nice having a couple of extra days off.
Jimi arrived home on Friday. We went to Mike Oshays shared a plate of nachos and then played pool the entire evening. Saturday night I fixed a nice supper and we played monopoly. The game lasted a while and I am happy to report that I did not go bankrupt nor did Jimi end up owning the entire world, but I can admit that if we had not ended the game, more than likely I would have ended up bankrupt and Jimi would have owned the entire world (again).

Sunday morning I took Daniel to the airport. His flight was delayed by over an hour, so I waited with him. I'm not sure what happened to rest of the day, but it passed quickly.

Jennifer did pretty well going to ALL of her classes this week. There is one class she is refusing to go to: Dance Fitness. We are working with her and the school officials to work out her issues with the class. This week is her school's spring break and I'm glad because trying to get her to school is extremely exhausting.

Jimi's trip was awesome. He ended up calling me everyday and said every other day he lucked out with really good shots. His photos are amazing. It is hard for me to decide which to send you. I may post more on our blog, so you can see them there if you want to. Some of the places in Utah he visited were the Flaming House, Peek A Boo Canyon, Zebra Canyon, Dead Horse Canyon, Rifle Falls, Citadel Ruins, Moon House Ruins, and Paria Wave.

Jimi and I are planning a trip to Vietnam and possibly some neighboring countries in November. He purchased our flights on Sunday. We leave November 7th and will return on November 21st. We will finalize more details of our trip in the coming months.

This week we will both have to get back in the groove. We trust all is well with you.

Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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