Monday, June 15, 2009

Glad it's over

Friends and Family,

As last week, this week also went by quickly.

My mother, father, and Brittany (great niece) came to visit for the week. Of course I worked all week at Crocs, while rest of the crew worked tirelessly to finish the roof on the house. Thursday, late afternoon about 5pm Jimi nailed the last shingle on. It was a rewarding accomplishment after building a make-shift conveyor system to carry heavy supplies up, countless trips to the hardware stores and city dumps, and dodging the tornado warnings, rains, and thunder storms. Now, it is finished!

Mom, dad and Brittany stayed the weekend. We hung out around the fire pit in the back yard, went to Lucille's for breakfast on Saturday morning, hiked Mt. Sanitas Saturday afternoon, watched a few movies, spent money at the Crocs sale, and Sunday we spent the day at the Denver Zoo. Whoa - we are a tired bunch.

They left for home this morning, as I was heading off to work. We really enjoyed their visit and help with the roof.

Several things are crossed off my and Jimi's lists now: He has finished school, we have completed our West coast research trip, and the roof is done. Jimi has a little time to relax and recoop before his motorcycle trip: "the great adventure", and after that he will get serious about looking for a job.

I have attached some pictures for you. That's all for now.

Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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