Monday, February 1, 2010

Make time for friends!

Dear Friends and Family,
Hello to all! Another busy week gone by. Again busy and productive; however, not so productive in the way I desire. Not much play again and I have to say it's getting old and beginning to ware on me.
I am still spending a great deal of time working with the Cencorp auditors, though, I am hoping to have it wrapped up this week. I worked a little on some of my projects, but not enough and am now officially behind on my completed goals list, which just eats away at me to be behind schedule. Lol
My continued employment with Crocs is now looking promising. I never said anything to you before, but a while back it was expected that my position would be eliminated in January. While no news may seem like good news, the talk of now transferring my position to a new department could possibly mean it will not be eliminated. Of course, nothing is official at this point, but it is more hopeful.
The realtor has had a few showings on my house, but no contracts. She said it's still too soon to expect anything, but I am anxious to unload it.
Jimi prepared 20+ photos with mattes and frames for a show at the Cafe Luna Coffee Shop in Longmont during the month of February. It's really neat to see his stuff hanging in public. He's such a talented photographer. I am proud of him.
With our move possibly only months away, I began voicing my concern to Jimi that the location we chose to move to, Ft Bragg, California is not warm enough for me. The weather averages 65° year round. I would prefer a very minimum of 75°. He agreed and we have decided that he make a trip to the coast scouting marinas further south between San Francisco and Los Angeles. I would go with him if I wasn't working, but I should work as long as I can and will stay here. He plans to leave mid February. I will keep you posted.
Friday evening on my way home from work, I had a thought to call my long time best friend, who I have not spoken with for over a year. Our lives became so busy that we lost touch and both have failed to keep in touch. The saddest part about it is we live with in 25 miles of each other and work with 15 miles of each other. Anyhow, I called and we talked for over an hour. Then, we met for lunch on Sunday. A three hour lunch was not enough time to really catch up, so we are talking about doing a girls weekend get away for just the two of us. I didn't realize how much I've missed her. I didn't get a picture of us, but I will later.
Friday night Jimi and I ventured out to the Moose lodge for pool. OMG we had sooo much fun! We also ran some errands together in Boulder on Saturday driving the LTD and later watched a French film called Amelia.
All in all a good week. Hope you are doing well!
Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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