Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines & President's Day

Hello all,


We had a nice Valentines Day/weekend. Jimi pulled a muscle in his back Saturday morning and was mostly laid up for the next three days. We went to a really nice place for dinner Saturday night and otherwise he went crazy laying around unable to do much, while I worked on my various craft projects and cleaned house, etc. For me it was relaxing - for Jimi is was stressful.


We had a great time Friday night shooting pool with friends, Tammy and Greg, at the Moose Lodge. We played from 8pm until midnight. A great time! Jimi says he is going to quit giving me pointers because every once in a while I beat him. Lol


I have an internal interview with the Design Team at Crocs and am scheduled for a three part second interview sometime this week. I'm torn whether to take on a new job that I would much rather do, or stick it out here. I have decided to let things take their course and see what happens.


I learned that Grandma Hollister passed away last Thursday. Even though she was 92, she still lived alone and her passing was kind of unexpected.


Jimi left for the West coast this morning. He will make it to Moab today spending the night there to get some pics with his new camera. I am excited to see what he comes back with as far as marinas further south and the time laps stuff he is shooting in Moab.  


Speaking of camera - Jimi bought me a new (used) camera for valentines. We will still keep our compact point n shoot, but this new camera is an older Canon that I can experiment with the manual settings. I can learn all about the F-stop, aperture, depth of field, etc. - this camera is able to do everything JImi's camera can do. I am excited; however, my plate is pretty full with my various crafts, drawing, calligraphy, and moving; therefore, it will be slow going.


That's all for now. Happy Valentine's Day and President's day to all!!


Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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