Monday, February 8, 2010

Keeping Busy - As Usual

Hello All,
We seemed to have a pretty full week - doing what we do best - keeping busy. :-)
I finished up my part for the January books and working with the Cencorp auditors. I crocheted with my ladies group; the little fashion scarf I'm making is coming along nicely and so far looks just as I pictured it. Jennifer and I had lunch with my friend Brenda on Saturday and then spent rest of the day shopping. I did more de-cluttering around the house, but mostly focused on my closets, dresser, jewelery boxes, and some in the kitchen. I just can't believe how quickly time is passing by.
Jimi spent almost three whole days in the garage: cleaning and organizing; he did more in his man-cave as well. :-) He cut away part of the wall above the door jam leading upstairs. It will open up that area a bit and will look real nice when finished. He hung his photography up at Cafe Luna last Monday; it will stay there for the month of February. He has begun the daunting task of copying our movies to electronic format; he set my laptop up so I can help him. This is a long process and will take us at least a couple of months. When he returns from his trip, he has a lot of plans for working on the house.
We did not play pool this week, but opted to stay home and veg. We had a quick dinner at the Rib House, watched parts of the Super Bowl and three movies over the weekend: Heat, A Serious Man, and 1/2 of Star Trek:The Wrath of Khan.
That's all for now. This coming weekend is Valentines; hope you have special plans for your loved one.
Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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