Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Brew

Hello all,

Nothing new on our end. Jimi works on the house, as he is able to find things to do, he also continues to simplify our movie storage device and research various radio's, boats, and other sailing equipment.

Cencorp certainly keeps me busy. I notice that I am more focused and work faster than I would in an office with others. I'm without the company chitchat around the coffee pot, which is good for getting work done, but bad for my social interaction. I begin my day by crawling out of bed at 7am, and after grabbing a cup of coffee, I begin my commute up the stairs in my jammies. Usually around 10am I wonder back to the kitchen for some breakfast and to get dressed. I do greatly miss my friends at Crocs, but I am loving everything else about working from home. 7 - 3:30 hardly seems like work when you do it without drive time, in pajamas, and are comfortably busy.

Jimi and Matt climbed Bear Peak on Wednesday, and I had lunch with my very dear friend Vicki.

We had one showing on the house last week during which time Jimi and I went to the Moose for a burger and pool. Rest of the week itself was much the same.

The weekend kept us busy. We went to the YMCA for free food and a health screening on Saturday afternoon. We both received a clean bill of health. That night we again met Brad and Ellen at the Red Neck Races. It was quite cold and we decided it would be our last race for the year. Sunday evening Paul and Helen invited us over for dinner and drinks. They prepared a wonderful meal for us, we spent hours enjoying great conversation and Paul's home brewed beers.

We had a wonderful week and weekend!

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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