Monday, September 13, 2010

There's nothing like good friends...

Hello friends and family,

Last week went by incredibly fast, as I settled in my Cencorp home office with an increased work load. I had lunch with some friends from Crocs on Tuesday; I really miss working with my dear friend Vicki. However, we have vowed to continue our weekly lunches as long as I am in town. Tuesday night Jimi and I played a few games of pool at the Moose Lodge. Jimi happily won all three games.

Wednesday I met with Tom from Cencorp to give him our decision on moving to Texas. Jimi and I decided that the office was too far from to coast to do any good for us. I don't want a long commute to work everyday , nor does Jimi want a long commute to the boat everyday. In addition, we felt the area was suited more towards commercial fishing rather than sailing. Florida will give us much more to choose from in the way of sail boats and refit equipment, etc. Therefore, I offered to continue doing the job remotely as long as they need me or until we set sail. I'll travel to McAllen once a month to close the books. So, for now that is how we left it. More decisions will be made on their part in November or December.

Wednesday night, we had sushi with good friends Connie and Rex beginning with and followed by a few glasses of wine in their beautiful home. We had a great evening chatting it up.

Thursday night Jimi and I again played pool and he again kicked my butt - oh sorry - I meant to say he deservingly won all our games. Ha-ha

Friday night we stayed home and watched movies.

The weekend was awesome. It was a no pressure, no boredom kind of weekend. Both days we putzed around the house, spent time reading, watched a movie or two, I spent a great deal of time painting and Jimi worked on his computer and mine. It was great! Saturday night the Cole's, Brad and Ellen, joined us in the stands at the Red Neck Races. The races were great, except there weren't as many wrecks, but still we had the best company sitting with us in the entire place.

................and that's about it. Monday morning it was back up stairs to work ha-ha.

No showings on the house last week; although, we lowered the price by $10,000. Fall is coming and we are expecting the showings to increase. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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