Monday, November 15, 2010

Grown ups....

Dear Friends and Family,
Jimi decided it would be a good idea to consolidate and close off the parts of the house we aren't using for the winter, so we don't have to heat them. The basement, which only houses the spare bed, was shut off and the three rooms upstairs have been consolidated in to two rooms. My office is now in the South room next to my art studio, so that the North room is closed up. It is much cozier and warmer for me, cuz that North room never got any sunlight and was much larger making it harder to heat.
Jimi went around the house looking for things to sell. He has decided to sell the "honken professional" espresso machine, as well as some other things.
We took the two guns out shooting on Monday night. The 9mm is a much larger gun and can do allot more damage, but because it is larger, it is actually easier for me to shoot. It's size absorbs some of the kick back when firing. And it is more accurate for distances. Don't let that lil' 38 fool ya, that thing has got some kick to it. I will need allot more range time to get a handle on it. It's not as accurate for distances, of course it's not meant for distance shooting though.
We had one showing on the house; however, the lookers weren't interested because of the smell. ??? Jimi just laughed and figures the lookers must have been vegans because we had a big ole' chicken in the crock pot. Ha-ha. We had another showing on Saturday, but have not received any feedback yet.
We lost Internet for a few days and I tried to work from the coffee shop, but that proved trying. Thank goodness Jimi got it fixed at home.
I had lunch with my friend Vicki on Thursday, and then we took her and her children supper on Saturday, as she was recovering from surgery she had on Friday.
I got a new windshield installed in my car and then had the inside detailed. I was quite excited about that. :-) My poor lil' car is old, but hangs in there.
Jimi and I played pool Friday night at the Moose Lodge and had a good time. They had an awesome band playing there called the Colorado Storm.
Saturday morning, Jimi and I make breakfast together: pancakes with chopped walnuts and sliced bananas = YUMMY and some turkey sausage. Saturday evening, after taking dinner the Vicki, we ate dinner with Mark and Melody. We had a really good time with them and plan to get together again.
Sunday morning we cooked breakfast together again: french toast and turkey sausage; again = Yummy. I went shopping  for a lil' black dress for Jimi's nephew's wedding, and let me tell you it was not an easy find. I went to nine or so stores, trying on more than a dozen different dresses, but finally I found one suitable. Sunday evening was our usual - glued to the TV for our favorite shows.
Last Wednesday my son, the baby of the family, Daniel, turned 18 years old. It's hard for me to believe. And on Sunday night Jennifer handed herself over to the Army. She will have her final medical testing Monday before flying to South Carolina. As soon as I get her address in boot camp I will post it in a weekly update, as well as on Face Book. I encourage everyone to write her. I know she will want and need the encouragement and support.
We have a normal week ahead of us. We trust you all are doing well.
Love everybody,
Lorie and Jimi

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