Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends and Family,

It seems that every year the week of Christmas comes and goes as fast as we blink. And this year was no exception. Jennifer spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Loveland with her friends, while Jimi and I worked to finalize our plans for Christmas. I baked (or tried to bake) Pecan Tassies. They were tasty, but looked nothing like they were suppose to. However, I took them to Nebraska anyhow. I also baked red velvet woopie cookies with peppermint filling - OMG they were soooo good. And I baked a red velvet cake for my mother's birthday.

We left Thursday morning for Nebraska had and a fabulous Christmas. Daniel was the only family member not present for Christmas. I know hind site is 20/20, and kicking myself for not flying him out won't do me any good, but I'm kicking myself anyhow. I so wish I had just done it. I love my family and am so blessed. I was especially happy to have Jennifer home.

I presented my sister with a family tree album of our father's tree, our mother's tree and her biological father's tree going back to the 1600s. Mom and dad also got their own copies. And a took all of my father's military certificates, records, medals, pictures, and documentation organizing them in an Air Force emblem album. It turned out to be a huge book and barely closes, but its pretty awesome.

Christmas was about family this year. Jimi and I are grateful for the time we shared over the holidays.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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