Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Days

Dear friends and family,

I realize I just wrote a few days ago, but didn't want to wait so long and decided to get back on schedule with the Monday update.

Well we did the dirty deed to signing up with Comcast Internet; not a preferred company of ours, but it was a necessary evil. Since we will be stable for a while, we decided it would be more beneficial to me and my work and us on a personal level to have a solid unlimited service. It was a good move, as we can see a change in our service already and also when we plugged our new digital TV into the cable outlet, we got more than 200 channels. We're told that the newer TVs will use the Comcast service as an antenna. Many of the channels are duplicated, so we don't really get 200, but still it's nice. Jimi says "the good news is we have The Discovery channel now. The bad news is we have The Discovery channel now." Lol

We had another real treat when we learned that my nephew, Jason, his wife, Angie, and their daughter, Amaya, were in the area. They are a tag team over the road truck drivers. The dropped a load early Friday morning in Lakeland, Florida, then picked up a load Friday afternoon in Bradenton, Florida. They were out of driving hours and had to sit until 11pm. Bradenton is about an hour North of us, so with out hesitation, we met them and had a really nice seafood dinner. It was quite the treat for them too, because they normally can't leave their truck to eat at nice places. They usually eat truck stop food and fast food. Anyhow, we were so happy to see them and hope they get more loads this way.

The weekend was really nice. We were very concerned about how to get rid of the unrepairable dingy sitting in our back yard. We first set it in our front yard with a large 'FREE' sign on it. Several people stopped to look it over, but no one left with it. When we got home that evening Jimi posted it on Craigslist and a few hours later someone showed up to take it. Such a relief.

We spent both Saturday and Sunday at the beaches. Saturday we went to Boca Grande, also very close to our house. Jimi read that there is a reef about 100 yards straight out from the old light house often explored by snorkelers and divers. I stayed on shore to read, while he made an attempt to do some exploring. But the speed and fishing boats kept coming through his path. It was a little worry some for both of us. He did some diving anyhow, but then came back in. We spent the next few hours searching for shells on the bottom of the ocean. We found some good ones, which we kept and a lot of live ones, which we left. Jimi found an underwater field of live sand dollars, but we never found any dead ones. We befriended a young kid probably 10 years old or so; well, he actually befriended us. His family is here on vacation from Texas and we really enjoyed the company, as we all three dove underwater with our snorkel goggles on. We had fun. The water wasn't real clear due to a storm that had come through the night before. It stirred things up and left little to no visibility. By the end of the day, I was wiped.

Sunday we went to the Venice Beach to check our another spot known for snorkeling and finding sharks teeth among the reef. We both swam and swam about 200 yards out, but just could not find the reef. So we reverted to diving in 5 to 6 foot waters looking for shells. We found an array of beautifully intact, yet vacant, conch shells (smaller ones). Of course there was no shortage of live shells either, so disappointing to have to throw them back. Again, Jimi spotted massive fields of live sand dollars. It freaked me out when he came up with a large crab - the body alone must have been six or seven inches in diameter. He finally convinced me to come look it at, it was fully intact, but dead. All I kept thinking was if I had stepped on that underwater, I would have flipped out. I'm already leery of walking on the sea floor when I can't see the bottom. So, even if I can touch, I usually swim. Stepping on a crab would not have been good. Anyhow, we had two great days at the beach and in the sun.

It looks like at a minimum we need about three inches of water in lake Okeechobee. Jimi checks the stats everyday.

That's all the news as I have it. We had requests to add two more people to the email lists - it's really growing. Hope everyone out there is doing well.

Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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