Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a little more water please.........

Dear Friends & Family,

A little shorter this week.

We stayed in on Saturday and Sunday; however, headed out to the beaches Saturday and Sunday evenings to watch the sunsets. The water was surprisingly clear under the moonlight. Jimi took a quick moonlight dip in the ocean, forgetting his swim trunks, he had to skinny dip; two moons were out that night. Hahaha..... Sunday night, while I collected shells, he got creative with his camera. However, we didn't stay out long, as the no-seeums were really bad. Jimi counted over 100 bites on my legs, ankles, and feet. They must only come out at night, because we haven't experienced them on any of our daytime trips. Jimi also had a countless number of bites, but he hasn't been as whiny about them as I have been. Lol


I worked diligently all week on Jennifer's wedding album. When I get it finished, I'll post it on our blogs website. Jennifer and Tim are doing well. They both finally got full time jobs, which they both started today. They have acquired one bicycle from my girlfriend for transportation and are awaiting another. They will be moving into less expensive housing, as soon as they are able to find something.


Daniel is also doing well in Alaska. The landscaping job he had during the summer is winding down and his hours are lesser and lesser each week. He is in search of something else now.


The water in Lake Okeechobee rose nearly two inches this past week.YAY! We need just under an inch to meet the recommended minimum depth. Please continue to keep your eyes, toes, ears, arms, legs, nostrils, and fingers crossed. We could be making our voyage soon and when we do, think of the movie African Queen when you think of our adventure.


That's all for now. It great to get your feedback; we love hearing from you.


Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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