Thursday, August 11, 2011


Dear Friends and Family,

Jimi and I are settled in our new place and really couldn't be happier with our find. This house is more than we ever expected or had planned on. We thought we would be renting a one room place with practically no living space, but instead we are living lavishly.

I'll try to give you some description. The living room isn't real big, but it's perfect for our two couches, coffee table and TV; very homey inviting and comfortable. The master bedroom is large and came with a king size bed, a dresser, which we share, two night stands and two lamps. We have a master bathroom and a large walk in closet, which is offering a lot of storage for our extras. Jimi set up his desk in the second bedroom along with all the things we hauled off the boat - aka - boat stuff. This bedroom also has a bathroom attached to it. There's a small eating area between the living room and sliding door to the back yard and next to the eating area is the kitchen, It's a walk through rectangle shape, but quite spacious.
I've set up my office and scrap booking area on the other side of the kitchen in the breakfast nook area, which has large windows overlooking the back yard oasis. Beyond, is the laundry room and then a door leading to the garage. Outside the sliding doors is a large lanai, but the backyard - oh my - the back yard is amazing. It is huge, filled with beautiful tropical plants. a clump of palm trees, at least two different species of pine trees, several shade trees, a small field of aloe vera plants, big and beautiful cactus plants (one being
taller than the house), blooming bushes, an enormous bricked patio area, vines growing across the lines, Spanish moss hanging from the trees, and so so much more.

There's even a fire pit. Jimi and I wasted no time working in the back yard doing little things here and there. We absolutely love it and kind of feel guilty for living so well. However, the price is barely more than we were paying in Cape Coral and the lawn service is included in the rental price, which means we don't have to buy a lawn mower and Jimi doesn't have to worry about mowing, ever. We also have a washer and dryer, which means we don't have to spend $12 every week at the laundry mat. Ya - we got a pretty good deal here. Between the house in Cape Coral and this one, we have spent less than $50 to furnish the entire house.

I've come accustomed to sitting at my desk watching the wildlife in our back yard. We see a beautiful cardinal come by with his mate quite often. They explore the yard looking for goodies. The squirrels run and play across the high wires, through the trees, and around the yard. They are small here, unlike the ones back in Colorado. Of course we have lots of geckos running around. We love to watch those guys.One morning Jimi was at the grill when I noticed a bunny rabbit hopping through the yard. I quietly went outside to tell Jimi hoping not to scare it away. It saw us, but didn't really seem to mind. It stayed for a bit and then slowly went about it's business. We also have two or three more species of birds in our backyard paradise. We had a stick bug for several days. I wanted to keep it as a pet, but Jimi moved it. It came back for a short visit, but then left again. And we have a family of wolf spiders living in the ceiling of our lanai. They are harmless and typically only come out at night. We like them because they eat the bugs we do not like.

Jimi says I'll never get any work done with my office where it is. I'd like to set up a bird bath outside my window.

The second day in our new house the refrigerator went out, but the property management company sent someone over asap to fix it; however, it was beyond fixing and we got a new refurbished one.

We spent one evening driving up Manasota Key checking out a couple of beaches there. The Gulf of Mexico is so beautiful. We absolutely love it. We spent a few hours at the beach on Saturday.That evening we checked out a little place by our house to play pool. We played five games and then returned home.

We had planned to go snorkeling on Sunday, but I felt as though I was getting a head cold, so we stayed home.I felt a bit of pressure in my head for a few days, but I'm back to normal now.

Jimi went to visit the Sanibel (our sail boat) on Friday. He took some items we will need for our river trip and brought the dinghy back to work on. I've included a picture of our dinghy. This will be our mode of transportation to land when we are anchored off shore.
The Okeechobee Lake is slowly going up. But still we just wait and find things to keep us busy.

That's all for now.

Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

BTW - We have realized that the dingy is beyond repair. It will not be our mode of transportation or save any lives and we will have to purchase a new one. Lol - had you worried for a minute there, didn't I? We will also be purchasing a dedicated life raft.

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