Monday, August 1, 2011

Still not enough water

Dear Friends and Family,

We signed the lease on our new house this past week and we will begin moving this morning. We stayed home over the weekend to pack and kind of get things somewhat ready to go.


I covered my little wooden jewelry box in sea shells collected from Sanibel Island. There may be room for improvement, but I an super happy with the outcome considering my amateur status on the subject. I've attached a picture for you.


The water in the Okeechobee lake is not rising very quickly at all. In fact, the last few days it has gone down, and we need nearly a foot to make it through safely. We are really hoping for a tropical depression, so we can move the boat by the end of August. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.


We are super excited about friends and family making plans to come out in November. Thanks to all - it really means a lot!


That will do it for this week. There wasn't much going on.


Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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